Join us for a Great Winemaking Experience!

Visit our clean, beautiful, friendly store.  We will help you choose from a large selection, then take the wine kits home to make or make-in store.

No appointment necessary to start the wine process.

Make Your Own Wine with Wine 4 You – It’s So Easy and Fun!



Red, White, Dry, Sweet,
Full Bodied….. We will help you choose wine to suit your tastes and preference, from our large selection. No appointment needed for this step.


All you do is add the yeast to begin the wine process. We prepare the equipment and juice and explain what is happening with your wine.


Ok this isn’t really a step for you – this is when we look after your wine. We monitor, transfer, filter and all the other steps to get your wine ready for you. Once your wine is finished, we give you a call to schedule bottling.


The fun part! With our fast, efficient equipment and friendly staff, bottling is a breeze. Includes label choices and a huge selection of colorful bottle tops; AND cheese, crackers, chocolate and a sample of your wine.

Limited Release Wines

Unique wine kits that are not in the regular lineup. Every year our wine kit suppliers release limited amounts of different wines. Pre-ordering is preferred – please let us know by October 15, 2017. RJS - RQ Gold Standard, 8 weeks, 18L, all red wines have grape skins...

Don’t forget to check out our wine supplies. Bottle openers, gift bags, stoppers, etc. We have all the accessories you need to showcase and enjoy your wine.

The RJS Craft Winemaking Academy is a community of Canada’s leading craft winemaking retailers who represent the best and most passionate winemakers in the industry. Academy members are chosen by RJS Craft Winemaking and are committed to providing the ultimate craft winemaking experience to every customer who chooses to make wine in their facility.

Through our consistent high standards for both the quality of our winemaking products and the level of service we offer, we strive to build a sustainable and reputable craft winemaking industry.

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